These photos were taken from a paramotor during the 2nd HOT AIR BALLOON MEETING AT RAASM, S. Zeno di Cassola Vicenza on 9-12 October 1997.

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Nicola and I take off right after the last Hot Air Balloon.

We reach the group after a few minutes of flight.

We circle really close to the Balloons but don't put them in difficulty; we can graze them and TOUCH them with our wings without danger.

With our motors idiling, we can even speak to the pilots for a short time.



This was the first Balloon to take off.

A fantastic giant fox that creates an unreal atmosphere in a marvelous country.

The giant fox is pursued by the balloons which took off later.

No other flying machine could fly so close to the giant fox.

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Only we paramotor pilots don't disturb the slow stately flight of the fox.

The point of landing of the fox becomes a target. The other competitors must drop a flag as close as possible.

To do this, they release hot air and sink to a few meters above the ground.

We take advantage after we discovered that the large quantity of hot air is very similar to a thermal - only narrower.



Don't try to rise as fast as the Balloons - their vertical power is much greater then ours.

But they consume a lot more fuel.  They are out of gas in one hour but we can go for three hours.  We return to our start point but they must be brought back back by car and trailer.

Here Nicola and I are waiting YOU for the next meeting.

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