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Supplement to the MINIPLANE MANUAL

tips for the frame 2016




On the frame ABM the harness belts coming from the shoulder and the backrest are fixed to the frame with the quick release buckles that can be easy disconnected to allow rotation of the arms ABM during transport.

-- how to fix the strap with the buckles on the frame

we recommend the assembly as in the first 2 photos, generally this solution is the easiest to adjust, but other solutions like the following examples are also possible.

- regulation

The back strap should be adjusted relatively tight, with little play, the shoulders should be adjusted as described in the manual.





The 2 straps coming from the harness can be fixed to the frame with a single buckle to each side or with one buckle for each belt.
The solution with only one buckle is "cleaner" but more difficult to regulate, if you need frequent adjustments we recommend the solution with separate buckles.

the back belt must be stretched to sufficiency to prevent excessive lateral movement of the harness relative to the frame, but not too much, it must allow the upward rotation of the rear part of the seat when standing up.

The shoulder belt must be adjusted as described in the manual.














the small size pilots may need a special adjustment described here



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