PostHeaderIcon PRIMER KIT mounting

before to use and assembling the circuit it is advisable to understand how it works.

the primer facilitates and speeds up the filling of the petrol circuit but does not force the fuel enter the carburetor.

For starting the engine it will be necessary to use the starter (if provided) and the carburettor must be perfectly efficient in its pump function; this circuit will therefore never be able to cause flooding of the engine.


to be mounted following the sequence shown in the photos


A - tighten the cap

B - insert the tube on the carburetor and stop with the pipe spring

C - tighten the pump support plate, with a maximum torque of 8Nm

D - screw on the frame

E - stop with a zip tye

F - insert the tubes, a small drop of mixing oil can help

G - remove the fuel dipstick and replace the cap with the blind one







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