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how to recognize the type and the size of the


all what you need for a good choice of the spare parts.

first, you need to know wich frame model you have :

on the leeft the frame Classic made before year 2015,      on the right the model 2015 and following


The size :


Classic model


the distance from the ground of the first horizontal tube of the frame is different according to the size .

The M size is 13 cm, the L is 18 cm, and the XL is 22 cm.


2015 and following

the main part of the frame is the same in all the size

different size are made changing the dimension of the low part and side and top sticks

At these measures of the frame correspond to the following dimensions :



prop diameter max (cm) 115 125 130 135
cage diameter (cm) 128 137 140 0
assembled height (cm) 126 136 139 0

side sticks lenght (cm)

44 48


upper stick lenght (cm) 58 62,5 65,5 0



2015 and 2016


standard prop (cm) 115 125 130 140
max prop dia (cm) 120 130 135
cage diameter (cm) 123 137 141 150
assembed total height (cm) 125 138 142

side sticks lenght (cm)



upper sticks lenght (cm) 58 62,5 65,5

you can see the measure on the following pictures


side sticks


upper sticks


2007 frame or before ?

The frame was modified on year 2007,

the 25mm tube where the PSF spacer is inserted is welded in a different position visible on the following pictures

frame before 2007 frame 2007

The spacer arms PSF does not have the same dimensions, if you order the arms need to first check what is the frame, otherwise the harness is placed in an incorrect position that can create instability and discomfort.



The solution ABM is only possible on the chassis 2007  size L and L1 (what means ?)



 the Miniplaneminplap.jpg




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