The proper adjustment of the harness it is extremely important, both to obtain the best stability, erasing the effect of the torque of the motor, both to obtain the best performance, and also to optimize the comfort especially in long flights.

The harness AMB M is a measure which covers a very wide range of adjustments, it can be used by pilots from 150 to over 190 cm in height.

With the light pilots of 60 kg, or short one, it may be a bit difficult to adjust, it is frequent that the ABM arms might hinder the downward movement of the arms.
The impediment is due to an excessive distance of the ABM arm respect to the seat.

To expand the adjustment possibilities we have two new solutions that are explained here.


1) The first is the length of the back, when too long in fact cause a "deep" seating, excessive for light people, sometimes this solution may also be useful to pilots who want a more active flying.

With the change in the picture, changing the attachment point on the frame, and using the shortest extent (or longer) of the strap to the harness, you can vary the height of the rear part of the seat relative to the frame, raising (or lowering if you want) the pilot position in relation to the arms.

This change with the double hole in the belt is standard on Miniplane products from the time of publication of this article.

If the Miniplane you have is not intended for this change please contact us Please for instructions on how to perform it.

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2) the second solution regards the seat pocket where is the seat board, is wide enough to insert a cushion of 3 cm thick sponge, the sitting in this way also it becomes a lot more comfortable.
you can find the cushion in Miniplane shop, it is the same used for the back, needs to be cut shorter to achieve the desired extent.



The union of the two amendments makes it possible to raise the pilot approximately 5 cm , normaly is enough to stave off the ABM spacer bar and make more comfortable its position.


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