PostHeaderIcon Mounting other engines on Miniplane frame

How to assemble the MINIPLANE FRAME with a non TOP80 engine

 the frames are specially made for each engine, normally the cage is the same size of standard miniplane, but engine mounting and tank position are different.



POLINI 200 AND 130


1- safety belt

 img 4055 p

2- modification on the rubber suspension plate adding our 5 mm plate
cut the original one
put 3 5mm bolts


img 4058 p

3- rotate the starter


img 4056 p
 4- put a pulley on the frame  img 4057 p
 5- Polini 130 needs the 3cm propeller spacer




1 - throttle

remove the original A screw, drill 6 mm



2 - manual start    
3 - side harness belt link



belt must stay far from the net hook and rivet
when charged,
better stay over the hook

the torque is right side, the anti torque setting is : the right hang point ahead of the left one


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